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This Months Special

Walnut Framed Photo Urn
Angel Urn - Cat
Price: $75.00

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- Made from an original sculpture in the U.S.
- Each urn resembles a small cat with wings lying on a woven style basket.
- The urn weighs 1 pound with dimensions of 6 3/4” width, 5” in depth and 4” in height
- Available in 1 size
- Size is based on live animal weight
- Available in 3 finishes (Bronze, Porcelain, Verdigris)

To personalize your Cat Urn we now offer a Heart Shaped Name Plate for engraving. 1 line or 2 small lines can be engraved on the Name Plate. Name Plate is available in Brushed Brass or Black Brass. *Special Order add $15.00

Cat Urn Capacities
- 36 cubic inches



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